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About the Founders

At BāKIT Box...

At BāKIT Box, we are taking the intimidation out of baking! Baking should be fun and easy, and more importantly, it should be accessible for all ages and experience levels. 

We started this company when realizing how challenging and intimidating it can be to bake at home. We aim to make that entire process easy for you, so you get to focus on the fun part! No online research of sifting through recipes, no grocery runs, and no researching baking terms while you bake. We got you! 

Every month we will bring you new recipes with a culturally diverse flair. Some will be sweet and some will be savory. Some will be easy and some will be challenging. All will give you a chance to bake truly delicious treats!

About the Founders


We are two female, minority entrepreneurs and we’re best friends! We met at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business several years ago, and connected over our love of food. We both enjoy cooking and baking, and are truly passionate about bringing global flavors into our homes, and now yours.

We work with professional pastry chefs to bring you the most unique and diverse recipes, representing our cultures and inspirations. 

We started BāKIT Box in order to make baking easy and accessible, even for folks who don’t consider themselves bakers. The pre-measured kits mean that you don’t need to shop for the ingredients yourself, nor are you left with an excess of ingredients that you won’t use. Our philosophy? More taste, less waste.

We can’t wait to share this adventure with you!

Shelley Gupta is Indian Canadian and grew up in Toronto. She loves to explore new cuisines and has always enjoyed baking with her family during the holidays. “As a kid, I never had much access to other global flavors or baking outside the traditional cookies or cupcakes. I love food so much, and I love trying new cuisines from all over the globe. When starting BāKIT Box, it was so important to incorporate culture and diversity into our product mix. We want to bring these global flavors into our customers’ homes and allow them to experience the delicious unique flavors with their families and friends.” Shelley has a finance and strategy background, and is President of Guitars Over Guns RISE, a non-profit program in Chicago focusing on mentoring at-risk students.

Shelley Gupta

BakitBox, Co-Founder & CEO

Carla Medina Jacobson was born in Puerto Rico and grew up outside of Chicago. She has lived in many cities across the USA and highlights the diverse cuisines and restaurants she encountered throughout that journey. Carla has dabbled in the culinary arts and has an eye for it.  “Like many people during the pandemic, I found my self baking a ton. I went from simple cupcakes to building three tiered cakes. I just found that there has got to be an easier way to follow a recipe and have zero waste. And trying to deliver cultural flavors across the country, just given our backgrounds, is so special and so important to this time.” Carla has a technology, analytics, and strategy background, and sits on the committee for Latinas in Tech, which aims to provide resources, opportunities, and community that Latinas need to thrive and lead in tech.

Carla Medina Jacobson

BakitBox, Co-Founder