Jalebi: The Indian sweet beloved by Jason Derulo

What is a Jalebi?

Who would have thought that Jason Derulo would make one of our favorite cooking videos? But he did! With a quick cut of his jalebi-making journey with posted on TikTok and Instagram, he demystified the jalebi for his fans who didn’t know about the sweet South Asian snack, and delighted those who did. The video […]

What’s The Difference Between All-Purpose Flour vs. Self-Rising Flour?

All-Purpose Flour vs. Self-Rising Flour

Flour might be a pantry staple in many kitchens, but there are so many different varieties out there that it can be a little confusing to figure out the best ways to use each. Two kinds of flour that tend to get mixed up are all-purpose and self-rising flour: they look pretty similar, so how […]

Macarons vs Macaroons


These bite sized treats are commonly mixed up, at least in name—only one “o” differentiates their spellings. Visually, texturally, and tastewise, they couldn’t be more different! So, what’s the difference between a macaron and a macaroon, and why do they have such similar names? What is a Macaron? A macaron (pronounced mac-ar-ON; the last syllable […]

Oven Temperature


Baking is a very precise culinary art with lots of idiosyncrasies, from ensuring accurate measurements to mixing ingredients in the correct order. Many factors can affect the outcome of your baked goods, including oven temperature. Read on to discover why oven temperature is important, and how different types of ovens can have an effect on […]