Healthy Baking Recipes To Satisfy Your Lifestyle (and Your Sweet Tooth)

These healthy baking recipes use mindful ingredients so you can indulge without guilt.

“Healthy” isn’t often a word associated with baked goods. You might wonder, “Is it even possible to find healthy baking recipes in the first place?”  The short answer is yes!  Not all baked goods are made with pounds of sugar and loaded with carbs and butter.  There’s lots of room to get creative with baking, […]

Recipe Spotlight: We’re Loving Linzer Cookies

Make your own Linzer cookies at home with our hassle-free baking kit.

With Valentine’s day coming up, you could gift a standard box of chocolates and call it a day. Or, you could gift your special someone something made from the heart—like homemade cookies (bonus if they’re heart-shaped). One recipe we recommend? Linzer cookies.   What Are Linzer Cookies? Among sugar cookies and gingerbread, Linzer cookies are […]

These Impressive Baking Recipes Are Perfect for Intermediate Bakers

Like every hobby or skill, baking follows a path that starts with basic creations and grows to complex confections.  It’s easy to find achievable baking recipes out there for beginner bakers, but what if you’re no longer a newb and not yet a pro?  There are plenty of baking ideas for intermediate bakers. Not sure […]

Wonderful Winter Flavors to Share This Season

Get in the seasonal spirit with the best winter flavors.

The time has come to break out those winter jackets and cozy scarves. As the cooler season arrives, winter flavors take the stage, too.  The winter months are prime-time for baking, with the holidays and dropping temperatures inspiring many of us to create tasty treats that fill our homes with warmth and wonderful scents.  What […]

6 Delicious Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas to Bring to the Table This Year

Bring deliciousness to the table with fun and flavorful Thanksgiving dessert recipes.

Fall has arrived and with it, the start of the holiday season. Many of us look forward to feasting on Thanksgiving, from turkey and stuffing to pumpkin pie.  If you have a sweet tooth (we do), the best part of it all is dessert.  From traditional treats to unconventional ones, your friends and family are […]

Enjoy All the Fall Flavors with These In-Season Ingredients

Make the most of fall with in-season flavors. See what’s on the menu at

Autumn is upon us in all its crisp-weathered, coppery-leafed glory. With it comes some iconic flavors—pumpkin spice, anyone?  Like every other season, fall is a peak time for certain kinds of produce.  Many of the in-season fruits, veggies, and spices that we associate with this time of year, include: Apples Cinnamon Pumpkin Pears Cranberries Figs […]

Baking with Dehydrated Dairy: Here’s What You Need to Know

Baking with Dehydrated Dairy: Here’s What You Need to Know - BāKIT Box Baking Kits

We’ve all been there — your dry ingredients are combined and it’s time to add the dairy. But, oops, you forgot you ran out of butter or didn’t realize your milk had spoiled. Do you make an impromptu trip to the store to pick up what you need? Do you knock on your neighbor’s door? […]

Red Bean Mooncakes: Why These Tiny Treats Are a Centuries Old Favorite

Red Bean Mooncakes - Order a Red Bean Mooncakes recipe kit at

For many, pumpkin spice is the flavor of fall. While it’s certainly a classic, cultures around the world have their own staple fall treats packed with delicious flavors you’re sure to love.  In Chinese culture, eating mooncakes is a seasonal tradition and has been for centuries. Red bean mooncakes, in particular, are an all-time classic […]

Bake-Off Party Ideas

Bake-Off Party Ideas

If a long, cozy binge of the Food Network is your idea of a great time, good news: you can bring the fun to life by hosting your very own bake-off party! Throwing a bake-off-themed party is a great way to bring your loved ones together to bond over a little friendly competition, all while […]