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Flavor Trends to Look Out for in 2023

This year’s flavor trends feature tons of global inspiration.

2023 is finally here and with it, some new trends—not just in fashion and Pantone colors, but in flavors, too. 

Just like trending fabrics, patterns, and colors, there are new flavor predictions in the culinary world each year. 

Last year (2022), flavor trends centered around bright and intense flavors inspired by Latin American and Asian cultures, from sour fruity profiles like yuzu and sherbet to chili lime mango and pineapple habanero. 

So what are the food and flavor trends predicted for 2023?

2023 Food Trend Predictions

What food trends will emerge in 2023?

Flavor experts, chefs, and professional trendspotters have laid out some of 2023’s food highlights and they include:

  • Flavor mashups (think: sweet and salty, sweet and sour, etc.)
  • Fermented flavors
  • Street food inspiration
  • Nostalgic eats

Flavors to Watch Out for in 2023

Let’s break down the above food profiles and discover what flavors we’re expecting to see more of in 2023.

What Flavors Are Trending?

Sweet plus heat is one flavor trend that’s here to stay.

Flavor Mashups

Building on 2022’s flavor trends, people are expected to continue looking for even more complex flavors and interesting combinations. 

This means lots of “mix and match” style foods, which some call the “Sweet Plus” trend.

One popular combination will continue to be the sweet plus heat trend which pairs spiciness from chili-like peppers with sweetness. 

It’s reported that there was a 138% increase in spicy flavors on bakery menus across the board.

Experts note the increased interest in spicy flavors is likely due to more exposure to different cuisines—which we’re totally on board with! 

In 2023, it’s slated that we’ll see a growing interest in sweet plus sour and sweet plus umami flavors inspired by Indonesian and Filipino cuisines. 

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Don’t knock it before you try it—this flavor trend is the next big thing.

Fermented Flavors

Building off the sour and umami flavors mentioned above, we’re likely to see an increase in fermented flavors, since they often carry both sour and umami profiles. 

Some popular items we see this in are kimchi (fermented vegetables, usually cabbage), miso (fermented soybeans), pickles (fermented cucumbers), and kombucha (fermented tea).

As such, we may see more inspiration derived from Asian cuisines, specifically Korean, which is known for its use of fermented vegetables. 

We’re already seeing umami flavors make their way into traditionally sweet things, like miso caramel lattes, miso banana bread, etc.

Plus, the probiotics part of fermentation is much-desired for wellness-focused folks. 

Street Food Inspiration

Street foods from around the world will continue to gain traction in 2023. 

As people look for more diverse experiences, they’re branching out into famous street foods, from elote and banh mi to pierogies and poutine.

One particular street food we’re expecting to see in 2023 is mangonada (a.k.a chamangos or chamoyadas), which are frozen beverages popular in Mexico during the hot summer months.

They’re typically made with a combination of mango sorbet, fresh mango chunks, or mango puree, and accented by the spicy, salty flavors of Tajín and chamoy. We think they pair perfectly with one of the most popular Hispanic treats ever—churros

Across the Atlantic and Indian oceans comes another upcoming street food trend: chaat masala. 

This is a spice blend made with mango powder, cumin, coriander, ginger, salt, black pepper, asafetida, and chili powder. 

In North Indian cuisine, it’s a staple flavor that can be used in foods and beverages alike.

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Nostalgic Eats

With Y2K style and other decades remaining trendy, so too are nostalgic flavors that remind people of their youth. 

This means lots of fruity, rainbow candy-type flavors.

This trend is all about taking nostalgic flavors and applying them to existing offerings. 

For instance, funnel cake donuts or cotton candy cupcakes. 

In a way, it’s about making the old feel new again. 

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We’re excited to see how these 2023 flavor trends will show up in food this year. 

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