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“Highly recommend BāKIT Box! The recipe was easy to follow and the end product turned out perfectly (even with some mistakes along the way)! Very fun and totally delicious change to an otherwise mundane Sunday morning! Can’t wait to send this as a gift (the perfect hostess gift, welcome home gift, and everything else in between)!”

-Amanda Gorter - Founder of LETO Foods

“This is a great opportunity for busy parents to participate in an activity with their kids. My daughter and I love to bake together but I always purchased boxed ingredients in the past. Now I can save time but use the freshest of ingredients. My daughter really took ownership of the baking and even learned how to zest a lemon. Highly recommended for working parents!”

-Daniel Gahan

“Delicious and easy-to-assemble desserts that will wow your family and friends — yes, please!”

- Tamara Chase

“SO delicious and user-friendly for baking newbies! I ordered the mini-empanadas, and the delivery was easy and efficient, and the products were fresh – I even baked mine a week after the delivery and still had a fresh turnout. Shared with all of my friends and got them hooked.
Go order em’ now!”

-Olivia Lehman

“We loved loved loved BaKIT Box- it makes baking so easy and fun! My very picky nephew wouldn’t stop eating our sweet potato and zucchini bread. A real hit 🙂 The instructions are easy to follow and cleaning up is a breeze because everything is premeasured. I’d recommend it to experienced and new bakers!”

-Nina Brette