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Essential Recipes Baking Kit Bundle



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You’re going to want to take advantage of this major deal. BāKIT Box Essentials are our best-selling, fan-favorite recipes that are now here to stay. Whether you are throwing a party or having a self-care night, you can take dessert planning off your to-do list! These tasty classics are timeless crowd-pleasers and are sure to be essential recipes in your household too; Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies, Confetti Birthday Cake, and Churros!

All kits are shelf stable with a 1-3 month shelf life.

Product details:

Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies:

One word to describe this recipe: classic. Although yummy, chewy, gooey, and delicious work too! Our Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies baking kit is everything you love about chocolate chip cookies, elevated with a bit of salt to make the experience all the sweeter. Cold glass of milk not included, but highly encouraged.

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Confetti Birthday Cake:

Birthday or any day, it’s never a bad time to celebrate with some cake. This colorful cake features a flurry of playful rainbow sprinkles inside and out. A classic vanilla flavor makes our Confetti Birthday Cake baking kit perfect for sharing (we won’t tell if you keep an extra slice to yourself). Topped with rich cream cheese icing, it’s hard not to do a little party dance after that first bite.

*Don’t forget to check out our Add-On products for disposable cake pans and candles! As if we could make this any easier. 😉 

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Originally a Spanish creation, these sweet treats have found their way across the globe. Today, they’re an all-time favorite in Latin American countries like Mexico and beyond. Simple to mix and fry, enjoy our Churros baking kit anytime—even for breakfast, we won’t judge. Pair them with your favorite hot chocolate, dip them in caramel or jam, or enjoy them as-is. Every way is the right way.

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