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Rainbow Sugar Cookies Baking Kit



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Limited Edition Recipe

June is Pride month, and we’re celebrating love and diversity with these rainbow sugar cookies. A classic sugar cookie base gets a colorful makeover with rainbow candy-coated chocolates — cute, delicious, and fun to eat! Whether you’re baking them for Pride or just because, these cookies are both the rainbow and the treasure.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Country of origin: USA
  • Yields: 24-30 cookies
  • Cook time: 90 min + 30 min rest
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Bāke within: 3 months
  • This recipe contains dairy, gluten, and eggs


What’s included?

  • Pre-measured ingredients:
    • All-Purpose Flour
    • Baking Powder
    • Unsalted Butter Powder
    • Granulated Sugar
    • Vanilla
    • Powdered Sugar
    • Heavy Cream Powder
    • Mini Candy-Coated Chocolates
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Lots of love


What you’ll need to bring to the table:

  • ¼ cup water
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 egg ​
  • ​2 large baking sheets
  • A large mixing bowl
  • A medium mixing bowl
  • A rolling pin
  • Parchment paper​
  • Optional: mixer with paddle attachment​
  • Your best self

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