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Spring Baking Kit Bundle (+ Mystery Kit!)


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Spring is on its way with warmer weather and flourishing flowers. Whether you’re heading to an Easter potluck or just in a sunny mood, celebrate the springtime season with our colorful Confetti Cake, Italian Easter Cookies, and a surprise mystery baking kit. 

All kits are shelf stable with a 1-3 month shelf life.

Product details:

Italian Easter Cookies:

Sometimes “called Italian wedding cookies,” these tasty treats are reminiscent of shortbread. They’re buttery, almondy, and topped with colorful sprinkles—perfect for springtime celebrations!

Traditionally, Italian cookies often feature anise. However, the American version of Italian Easter cookies switches it up with almond, which pairs well with their buttery shortbread-esque nature. And don’t let the name fool you, these cookies are great for any occasion, Easter or otherwise.

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Confetti Birthday Cake:

Birthday or any day, it’s never a bad time to celebrate with some cake. This colorful cake features a flurry of playful rainbow sprinkles inside and out. A classic vanilla flavor makes our Confetti Birthday Cake baking kit perfect for sharing (we won’t tell if you keep an extra slice to yourself). Topped with rich cream cheese icing, it’s hard not to do a little party dance after that first bite.

*Don’t forget to check out our Add-On products for disposable cake pans and candles! As if we could make this any easier. 😉 

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We’re springing a surprise on you! In addition to the two recipes above, you’ll get a mystery baking kit. While we don’t want to spoil the suspense, something you can be sure of is it’ll be tasty and fun.

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