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Three Sisters Fry Bread

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In North American Indigenous agricultural tradition, corn, beans, and squash are called the Three Sisters. These were planted together in a technique called companion planting. Each plant benefits the other in specific ways to allow for each to thrive more than if planted alone. Fry bread is also a common food eaten in Indigenous communities. The history of fry bread is not a happy one. It recalls a time when the native people were pushed from their land, forced to make food for the journey with what they were given by the government. Hopefully when making this recipe, it can be a delicious opportunity to educate about the beautiful cultures that call this land home.

Serving size: 10 – 12 Fry Breads
Cook time: 2 Hours
Difficulty level: Easy
Bāke within: 2 months

What’s in your kit? Kidney Beans, Pumpkin Puree, All Purpose Flour, Cornmeal, Baking Powder, Dried Sage, and Oil for Frying.

You Will Need (Ingredients): ½ tsp Salt, Water

You Will Need (tools):Saucepan, Large Mixing Bowl, Wooden Spoon, Cast Iron Skillet or Pan, Can Opener, Spatula, and Baking Sheet

*Please note this recipe contains Gluten

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