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White Chocolate Hot Toddy Truffles (Gluten Free)

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Nothing like a Hot Toddy to warm you up during these icy Chicago winter days!  We’ve turned a classic into a sweet treat with these Hot Toddy truffles. Infusing the cream with tea, honey, and lemon brings the flavors of this tasty cocktail into a sweet chocolatey bite.
Pro tip: To amp up your truffles, add 3 Tbsp bourbon to the cream when making the ganache.

What’s in your kit?

Heavy cream, Black tea bags, White Chocolate, Honey, Unsalted butter, a Lemon to zest, and Cinnamon.

Serving size: ~36 truffles

Cook time: 4 hours: 30 min of active time, the remaining is steeping and setting time.

Difficulty level: Easy

Bāke within: 5 days

Tools needed: Microwave, Microwavable bowl, small saucepan, citrus zester, rubber spatula, small tea spoons, a flat container with raised sides to let the ganache set.

*Please note this recipe contains dairy.

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