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13 Retirement Gift Ideas For Women

Retirement gift ideas for women

Out of all the many milestones that we get to experience in this life, few are as exciting (and promising, and maybe a little nerve-wracking) as your retirement!

Retirement is more than just your official resignation from the workplace — it’s also a symbol of the many years of hard work you’ve dedicated to your career and the start of a whole new journey where the skies are the limit. So when there’s a special family member, coworker, or friend in your life who’s ready to cross that threshold, it’s only right to help them celebrate with a special, thoughtful gift.

Read on for some great gift ideas for the special woman retiring in your life so that she can spend her free days relaxing, reconnecting, and reveling in her favorite interests, hobbies, and passions.

         1.BāKIT Box Subscription

A subscription to a good baking subscription box is the perfect gift for the woman who’s always wanted to start her own bakeshop! BāKIT Box curates an exclusive recipe selection of sweet and savory baked goods with inspiration from around the world. The best part? All the necessary ingredients are shipped straight to her door, so she can experiment with new recipes all without having to run to the grocery store or waste any ingredients in the process.

         2.Adventure Passports Journal Set

One of the best perks that come with retiring is that it frees up way more time for the wanderlust-at-heart to travel and explore their bucket list destinations. If your retiree is a free spirit who has always craved an epic cross-country road trip, give them this specialized journal set that’s specially created to memorialize their adventures. Besides the free spaces for journaling and sketching, the journals also contain plenty of checklists, logs, and must-see destinations so that they can curate their perfect trip.

        3.Organic Vegetable Garden Kit 

There are few things quite as satisfying as eating a fresh meal that comes straight from your own garden! This “Spade to Fork” organic vegetable garden kit comes with everything your retiree needs to start their very own vegetable garden: seeds for carrots, lettuce, radishes, cherry tomatoes, and green beans, plus peat pots, soil discs, and a detailed instruction manual. They’ll spend less time at the grocery store and more time out in the sunshine — and both figuratively and literally reaping the fruits of their labor.

       4.Professional Acrylic Painting Kit

For the woman who has always envisioned spending her newfound free time in retirement exploring their artistic side, help her release her inner Picasso with this 36-piece beginner’s acrylic painting kit! It comes with everything she needs to get started like canvases, paint, brushes, sponges, mixing trays, and an easel.

       5.Book Of The Month Subscription 

Another awesome bonus that comes from retirement? Plenty of time to actually read for fun! Consider buying your bookworm a Book Of The Month subscription. Every month, she’ll get to choose from a selection of specially curated books. It’s a great way to ensure that she always has a great read to curl up with whether she’s relaxing at home, reclining at the beach, or anywhere in between.

      6.De’Longhi Stilosa Espresso Machine

She won’t need to pop into the local coffee shop between board meetings anymore, but that doesn’t mean she has to give up her indulgent coffee cravings! This espresso machine by De’Longhi will let her brew up her favorite lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos from the comfort of her own home, all without having to wait in long lines or pay those exorbitant coffee shop premiums.

      7.Kiarna California Champagne Assortment 

Is there anything that says “celebration” quite as nicely as popping a glass of bubbly? We don’t think so! Elevate your classic gift basket with this option, which includes a bottle of Kiarna Grand Sparkling Cuvee and a delectable spread fit for a real celebration, including lemon cakes, chocolate truffles, crackers, cheeses, and much more.

      8.Craft Beer Making Kit

Your retiree is probably going to have quite a bit of free time on her hands — so why not give her a gift that lets her experiment with making her favorite beverage? This craft beer starter kit comes with everything you need to try your hand at homebrewing, including a beer recipe kit, detailed step-by-step instructions, bottles, caps, and a 1-gallon siphonless bubbler.

       9.Gaiam Yoga For Beginner’s Kit

She’s been talking about turning her spare room into a yoga studio for ages now. So, give her a gift that’ll help her get started! It comes with an attractive yoga mat, yoga block, and straps so that she can start her yoga practice, reconnect with herself, and get an excellent workout in the process.

     10.Eddie Bauer Camp Table

If you know that she’s going to be spending the majority of her free time exploring the wilderness and sleeping beneath the stars, help her camp in style with this attractive camping table by Eddie Bauer. It features a sturdy table and storage space underneath, plus it also folds up for easy transportation whether they’re backpacking or traveling via RV.

     11.“A Day Off” Spa Basket

For many, retiring means one thing: finally relaxing! This appropriately named spa kit comes with a bunch of spa essentials tailored specifically for chilling out, including body scrubs, lotions, foot soaks, luxuriously comfy slippers, and more. She’ll get to kick off her well-earned retirement exactly how it was meant to be — in peace, tranquility, and style.

    12.Eppicotispai Pasta Starter Set 

What’s the only thing better than pasta? Pasta made from scratch, of course! This gift is perfect for the foodie in your life who loves throwing down in the kitchen. She’ll get to take her kitchen experimentation one step further with this pasta-making kit, which includes everything she’ll need to start her pasta-making journey. Just make sure she invites you over for one of the many sumptuous dinners she’s sure to make using this!

     13.Embroidery Kit

She’s spent a lot of time in her day running around and stressing out — now it’s time to slow things down with a new and relaxing crafty hobby. This embroidery kit, which celebrates mental health, is great for beginners and includes a printed fabric, embroidery hoop, and detailed how-to instructions. She’ll be able to disconnect from all the pressures she’s been under for years and relax with a new crafty hobby, plus get a great piece of decor and an excellent reminder to put her self-care first.

Retirement is truly a reason to celebrate. With these gifts, your retiree will be able to transition seamlessly into this new phase in her life by doing all the things she really wants to spend her time on!


Featured image credit: Photo by Samee Anderson on Unsplash



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