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6 Delicious Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas to Bring to the Table This Year

Bring deliciousness to the table with fun and flavorful Thanksgiving dessert recipes.

Fall has arrived and with it, the start of the holiday season. Many of us look forward to feasting on Thanksgiving, from turkey and stuffing to pumpkin pie. 

If you have a sweet tooth (we do), the best part of it all is dessert. 

From traditional treats to unconventional ones, your friends and family are sure to love these Thanksgiving dessert ideas.

Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Traditional Thanksgiving Desserts 

You can probably guess which desserts are considered traditional. Even though they’re a go-to, they’ve stuck around for a reason. 

Maple Pumpkin Pie Baking Kit - BāKIT Box

Pumpkin Pie

Perhaps the most popular Thanksgiving dessert recipe, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Thanksgiving feast without it.

Rich, savory, and full of warm spices, pumpkin pie is the perfect follow-up to main course flavors like turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. 

Our Maple Pumpkin Pie recipe brings traditional flavor, with added sweetness from another fall staple: maple. 

Pecan Pie

The second most popular Thanksgiving pie is another one that pairs perfectly with the holiday’s traditional flavors.

Pecan pie carries rich, nutty goodness that goes great with a post-meal cup of coffee. 

It also pairs well with pumpkin pie, so why not grab a slice of each?

Pumpkin Rolls

Another pumpkin dessert — no surprise there! Pumpkin rolls are a fun take on your classic cake.

It has all the tasty pumpkin spice flavor rolled up with rich cream cheese icing. 

Since they can be considered a handheld treat, they make a great option to bring to work potlucks where grab-and-go foods are easiest.

If rolling up a cake sounds intimidating, our Pumpkin Spice Cupcake recipe is a good substitute.

Keep it classic or opt for a more non-traditional Thanksgiving dessert recipe.

Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Desserts

While classic treats are sure to grace the table every year, it’s never a bad time to mix it up. Who knows, it could become a new tradition in your Thanksgiving celebrations!

Dark Chocolate Chai Truffles Baking Kit - BāKIT Box

Dark Chocolate Chai Truffles

Chai brings all of fall’s best spices together — including cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove — making it a perfect flavor profile for Thanksgiving dessert. 

Our Dark Chocolate Chai Truffles recipe wraps warm spice in rich dark chocolate for a tasty bite-sized treat.

These truffles are another grab-and-go option perfect for potlucks and snacking while mingling.

Pumpkin Beignets 

Beignets started as a French treat and are now the iconic dessert of New Orleans. But you don’t have to be in New Orleans to enjoy these fritters. 

Traditional beignets have a donut-like taste. Add pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice to the dough for a flavorful fall take that’s ideal for Thanksgiving.

With a maple or cinnamon vanilla dipping sauce on the side, they’ll fly off the tray. 

Cranberry Curd Bars

Cranberry is not only an in-season fruit during the fall, but a favorite addition to Thanksgiving dishes.

A fun, fresh way to incorporate this tart fruit into your holiday feasting is in curd bars. 

Like lemon curd bars, cranberry curd bars have a melt-in-your-mouth shortbread crust topped with sweet and tart curd.

It’s a refreshing departure from the usual chocolate and pumpkin concoctions.

Our Maple Pumpkin Pie recipe is the perfect way to celebrate the season of sharing.

Whether a small gathering or a large one, sharing Thanksgiving desserts with loved ones creates meaningful memories. Try any of our easy-to-follow baking kits, complete with mess-free pre-measured ingredients. 

If you like what you create, sign up for a BāKIT Box subscription and get new recipes delivered to your door each month. What are your favorite Thanksgiving dessert recipes? 

Brittani Rable

Brittani Rable

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