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    Pick Your Adventure

    Choose a one-time purchase or join our subscription service for a continuous culinary journey. Explore curated sets of global recipes and interactive baking activities, blending the art of baking with STEM education for an immersive experience.

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    Unbox The Goods

    Unbox the carefully curated assortment of ingredients, tools, and engaging activities that await you inside. Each box transports you to a thrilling themed experience, filled with surprises and tasty discoveries!

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    Bāke Memories

    Whip up scrumptious memories with your family while exploring new cultures and igniting the taste buds of young aspiring bakers through engaging activities and fun challenges woven into our recipes.

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Don't wait, order your Bake & Explore Bundle today!

Set off on a tasty trip around the globe with our Kid's Bake & Explore subscription box! Each box features 3 themed baking kits, accompanied by step-by-step instructions, pre-measured ingredients, and enriching STEM learning activities. Let your young chefs discover a world of flavors, cultures, and culinary wonders. Bon appétit!

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    Boxes ship every 3 months.

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    Cancel anytime.

  • The Roadtrip

    Quarterly Billing


    USD per box

    Subscribe and save $5.
    Boxes ship every 3 months.

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This Quarter's Box

Pollination Exploration

Experience the magic of pollination as we explore the essential role of bees in our ecosystem. From the precision of hexagonal cookies to the sweetness of honey-infused muffins and the vibrant touch of bee pollen pops, savor the importance of nature’s pollinators in each delightful treat.

Explore Recipes
3 recipes in every box
Games and activities included
A new theme in every box
All boxes ship quarterly
Step-by-step instructions
Always free shipping
  • One Kit Fits All

    Explore how our kits adapt to every age group, fostering skills that grow with your child.

  • 3-6 Years Old

    Simple and Engaging Activities:

    • Easy, no-mess recipes suitable for young kids.
    • Colorful and interactive step-by-step instructions.

    Exploration Through Play:

    • Games and activities included that align with the kit themes.
    • Focus on fostering creativity and basic kitchen skills through play.
    • Development of motor skills - pouring, mixing, identifying colors.
  • 6-9 Years Old

    Educational Experience:

    • Fun facts about the countries and cultures associated with the recipes.
    • Challenges that encourage learning about global traditions.

    Skill Development:

    • Beginner-friendly recipes with a little bit of help from a grownup. 
    • Introduction to diverse ingredients from around the world.
    • Encouragement of independent learning including reading and following directions.
  • 9-12 Years Old

    Culinary Exploration:

    • Recipes that offer a bit more challenge, promoting skill development.
    • STEM activities help develop real world application while sparking creativity.
    • Introduction to traditional recipes from different countries.

    Global Awareness:

    • Encouragement to explore and appreciate diverse global flavors.
    • Engaging with the cultural significance in various countries.
  • 12+ Years Old

    Advanced Culinary Skills:

    • Challenging recipes that require more advanced techniques.
    • Opportunity for older kids to take the lead in the kitchen.
    • Development of decision-making, leadership, creativity, and critical thinking.

    In-Depth Cultural Understanding:

    • Deeper exploration of the cultural context behind each recipe.
    • Appreciation for the role of tea in different cultures.
  • All Ages

    Global Flavors:

    • Introduction to cuisines from around the globe.
    • A mix of recipes from various countries and traditional American favorites.

    Quality Ingredients:

    • Sourcing products from across the US, including specialty ethnic ingredients.


    • No-mess, hassle-free recipes catering to all skill levels.
    • Progression from easy to advanced recipes.
    • Development of skills including reading, math, art, and history.
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Turn up the heat and bake memories that will last a lifetime.

Through our global baking adventures, your kids can truly travel the world from their own kitchens. Discover the joy of baking and cultural exploration.

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