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    Global Flavors

    Our recipes are inspired by cuisines around the globe. You’ll see recipes from various countries and regions as well as traditional American favorites.

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    Quality Ingredients

    We source our products from across the US including specialty ethnic ingredients, recyclable packaging, and baking supplies.

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    Beginner Friendly

    We offer a range of no-mess, hassle-free recipes for everyone in the family, from easy to advanced. Teach your kiddos culinary skills with our global baking adventures boxes.

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    Bake & Explore

    Subscription Box

    Embark on an epic STEM-infused baking adventure with our Bake & Explore subscription box for kids! Packed with three unique baking kits, engaging STEM activities, challenges, and fun facts, it's all about family bonding and creating memories in the kitchen. Plus, we keep things fresh by releasing new recipes every 3 months!

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    Individual Baking Kits

    Individual Recipes

    Need a quick baking fix? Our individual baking kits are here to save the day! With pre-measured ingredients, easy-to-follow directions, and extra goodies like activities and fun facts, you can whip up a tasty treat in no time. Perfect for a fun and fuss-free baking experience, these kits are an ideal option for those seeking a quick baking adventure!

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Meet Shelley

BāKIT Box Founder & CEO

Get ready to meet Shelley, the visionary behind BāKIT Box, your guide to a world of delightful flavors and cultural exploration. Growing up in the vibrant city of Toronto with immigrant parents from India, Shelley's culinary journey started at a young age, learning the art of making fresh naan and savoring the sweet delights of her mom's homemade burfi.

Inspired by a transformative moment at a friend's birthday party, where traditions differed from her own, Shelley's curiosity for diverse cultures and traditions ignited like a culinary firework. She embarked on a lifelong mission to connect people, foster curiosity, and create cultural tolerance through the joy of baking.

With an adventurous spirit fueled by culinary curiosity, Shelley ventures into the heart and soul of each destination's flavorscape. She relishes the sheer magic of immersing herself in authentic flavors, unearthing hidden culinary treasures, and forging meaningful connections with communities worldwide through the universal language of food.

At BāKIT Box, Shelley invites you to join her on an extraordinary journey. Together, we'll celebrate the richness of traditions, the beauty of diversity, and the simple pleasure of sharing homemade treats with loved ones. Let's embark on a delicious adventure that creates lasting memories and brings us closer to cultures and cuisines from around the globe.

Favorite Indian sweets
Soan Papdi (learn more here)

What is on Shelley's Baking Bucket List
Creme Brulee

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Female Founded

Built by women with a vision to make baking fun, easy, and accessible.

We're proud to be a certified Women Owned business, accredited by WBENC/WEConnect International.


We’re proud to be 100% minority-led, representing the diverse world around us.

Sustainable Focus

Our philosophy? More taste, less waste with pre-measured ingredients - all shelf stable.

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