11 Gifts For Sisters

Gifts for sisters
The bond between you and your sister is a special one. She was probably one of your very first friends and confidants, and she’s been by your side at some of your biggest milestones. Even if your relationship has been through its ups and downs, there are still probably few people in your life who know you as well as she does! So whether you’re looking for the perfect surprise for her birthday, an upcoming holiday, or simply just because you love her, show her just how much you care with these ten gifts.

11 Thoughtful gifts to give to your sister

A BāKIT Box Subscription

For the sister whose love language is sweet treats. If your sister is always whipping up something delicious in her oven, make it easier than ever before with a subscription to BāKIT Box! This premium baking kit subscription lets your sister choose her favorite baked goods from a variety of tasty baking kits (think cupcakes, cakes, truffles, tarts, and more!). The ingredients are delivered straight to her door so she can bake to her heart’s content, no grocery trip required, no mess, and no waste. You might even get a delicious and freshly-baked treat in return!

Goo Goo Cluster Going Nuts Care Pack

For the sister who needs a chocolate-covered pick-me-up. Indulgent, high-quality chocolate is always a winning gift! This gift set from Goo Goo Cluster includes three cartons with Goo Goo’s famous classic flavors, Original, Pecan, and Peanut Butter, as well as a Premium PB&P Goo Goo, and two pouches of Lil’ Goos. It even comes equipped with a hilarious “What A Cluster!” mug that your sister can fill up with their favorite caffeinated or soothing beverage of choice whenever things get crazy!

Gorjana Interlocking Necklace

For the sister who’s also your very best friend. This grown-up friendship necklace is a beautiful tribute to your very first best friend…your sister! It features two interlocking gold circles to symbolize your everlasting bond. It’s also beautiful but very simple, making it the perfect piece of jewelry to wear with any outfit and for any occasion. Get one for yourself and you’ll have classy matching necklaces that’ll remind you of your special bond whenever you put them on.

Lush Cosmetics Relax Gift Set

For the sister who desperately needs some R&R. If your sister is constantly on the go, sleep-deprived, and desperately in need of some unwinding? Treat her to this luxurious Lush Cosmetics gift set that was specifically made for slowing down, relaxing, and getting a good night’s sleep. It features a Bubble Bar and a Bath Bomb, as well as a lavender-scented bath gel and soothing lotion to calm irritated skin and help her drift off into a peaceful slumber at the end of a long day.

Box Fox Hustle Gift Box

For your sister who’s a total girl boss. You’ve admired her drive and work ethic for years. Now give her something that’ll help her on her way to greatness! This gift box has everything a busy sister needs to crush her goals and accomplish everything on her busy to-do list. With a journal for self-reflection and planning, a to-do pad for keeping track of her tasks, Hampton tech wipes for her laptop and phone, and a gold bullet pen for note-taking, she’ll be even more prepared to break glass ceilings and conquer the world.

Williams Sonoma Deluxe Cheese & Charcuterie Hamper

For the foodie in your family. If your sister loves good food and bringing people closer together through it, hook her up with this deluxe charcuterie hamper. These gourmet meats, cheeses, and snacks are carefully curated from Europe and are ready to eat upon delivery, making her life as the designated host and picnic planner easier. Just make sure she invites you over so that you can enjoy this delectable spread together!

VOLUSPA Japonica Mini Candle Set

For the sister whose house always smells so good. This premium candle set by VOLUSPA is beautifully packaged and thoughtfully made with coconut wax and natural wicks. Even better: every mini-candle in this set smells amazing! Your sister will be able to choose which candle to burn from among her favorites for every mood she might be in. Some real scent standouts include Kalahari Watermelon, Baltic Amber, Mosco Bamboo, and Apple Blue Clover.

Uncommon Goods Murder Mystery Puzzle Book

For the true-crime enthusiast who loves being able to crack the case. If your sister’s idea of a good time is bringing out her inner Sherlock Holmes, give her this enthralling Murder Mystery Puzzle Book from Uncommon Goods. She’ll be able to try her hand at solving crime with 20 different puzzle activities!

Zazzle Custom Library Book Stamp

For the sister who basically doubles as a lending library. If your sister has great taste in books, which means that you always somehow end up borrowing a ton of them …. and sometimes, forgetting to return them. Help her keep track of her massive library with this customized library book stamp. You can add her name to the design so that you (and everyone else who borrows from her impressive collection) always know exactly where to return them once they’re done reading.

Le Chateau Red Wine Decanter

For the hostess with the most-est. Anyone who loves wine knows that good wine was meant to be decanted before being served. This beautiful red wine decanter will help air out the best bottles in your sister’s wine collection, making them as crisp and delicious as the winemaker intended before serving them to her guests or enjoying alone. It’s also a gorgeous piece that can sit out and collect compliments even when it’s not in use!

Green Herbal Tea Kit

For the sister who loves winding down with a nice cup of tea. A nice, hot cup of tea is one of the best ways to help your sister relax, unwind, and put her feet up -- but you might not always be there to brew it up for her. Instead, let your sister try her hand at brewing the perfect relaxing beverage with this green herbal tea kit! It includes nine different herbs and three varieties of green tea so she can mix and match until she finds the ultimate tea combination without taking a trip to her nearest coffee store.
No matter how near or far you happen to be, your sister is probably one of the most important people in your life, and she’s been there supporting you through it all. Show her just how much you love and appreciate her with these thoughtful gifts!   Image credits: Featured image: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio
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