Kitchen Safety For Kids: How to Make Baking Safe and Fun

Before getting into the joys of baking, be sure to establish kitchen safety for kids.

It’s heartwarming to see kids take an interest in baking—their eyes light up and a big grin graces their face.  Spending time together in the kitchen is also a great way to bond with kids while teaching them useful skills and encouraging creativity.  But with all the excitement comes a need for a few safety […]

Baking for Your Brain: The Benefits of Baking for Your Mental Wellbeing

There are many benefits of baking when it comes to your mental health.

We all know baking as a way to create delicious treats to snack on solo or share with friends. But did you know baking can also boost your mental health and happiness?  In fact, there’s even a type of therapy called “culinary therapy” which relies on cooking and baking to help people cope with struggles […]

Bake-Off Party Ideas

Bake-Off Party Ideas

If a long, cozy binge of the Food Network is your idea of a great time, good news: you can bring the fun to life by hosting your very own bake-off party! Throwing a bake-off-themed party is a great way to bring your loved ones together to bond over a little friendly competition, all while […]

8 Tasty Things To Bake At Home This Month

Things to bake at home

Looking to take up a new hobby, get your hands a little dirty, and eat some delicious foods from around the globe in the process? This is your sign to crank on the oven and start baking at home! Here are eight delicious recipes featured on BāKIT Box for the month of July that get […]

A Recipe for Sweet Success


Are you on the hunt to try your hand at something new in the kitchen?  Perhaps get a little creative, and tap into your sweet side? If so, baking is the ideal outlet. Nothing short of a sweet science, baking can prove to be both therapeutic and rewarding.  Baking can bring incredible joy, not only […]