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Delicious Mother’s Day Desserts to Make With Your Mom

Some quality time plus a tasty treat is the recipe for a great Mother’s Day gift.

Mother’s Day is around the corner (Sunday, May 14th), which means it’s time to start considering how you’ll show mom some love this year.  What’s great about this holiday is that it’s extremely personal.  For some, flowers are the way to go. For others, it’s a nice meal out. Of course, you don’t have to […]

Fresh Spring Flavors to Brighten Your Day

New season means new flavors. Fresh Spring Flavors to Brighten Your Day - BaKIT Box

Spring decor is hitting the stores, bringing excitement for sunnier days ahead.  As the weather warms up and the flowers bloom, you might be asking yourself, “How can I get in the springtime mood?”  Aside from engaging in some spring cleaning or taking a refreshing walk outside, one of the best ways to get into […]

Easter Baking Ideas for a Hoppy Holiday

Celebrate spring with tasty treats even the Easter bunny will want a bite of.

In America, Easter afternoons are spent hunting around the yard for sweet surprises left by Peter Cottontail. Elsewhere, like Bermuda, Northwestern Europe, and France, the holiday is celebrated by flying a kite, lighting a bonfire, and making an omelet respectively.  But one thing many cultures have in common when it comes to Easter is celebrating […]

Baking Tips and Suggestions for Advanced Bakers

There’s tons of information out there on baking, but what about advanced baking in particular?  Advanced baking recipes build even further on the skills you’ve learned thus far. It’s also the stage where you might develop more of your own creative baking ideas and learn your own baking quirks.  In many cases, advanced baking involves […]

5 Couples Baking Ideas to Sweeten Date Night

Not sure what to bake for date night? Try these couples baking ideas.

Baked goods are often gifted as a sign of affection or appreciation to someone you love—in many cases, your partner.  A little gift here and there can bring you closer together, but so can something else… baking together!  As the saying goes, “Memories are made at the table.”  For all of time, food has brought […]

Flavor Trends to Look Out for in 2023

This year’s flavor trends feature tons of global inspiration.

2023 is finally here and with it, some new trends—not just in fashion and Pantone colors, but in flavors, too.  Just like trending fabrics, patterns, and colors, there are new flavor predictions in the culinary world each year.  Last year (2022), flavor trends centered around bright and intense flavors inspired by Latin American and Asian […]

Healthy Baking Recipes To Satisfy Your Lifestyle (and Your Sweet Tooth)

These healthy baking recipes use mindful ingredients so you can indulge without guilt.

“Healthy” isn’t often a word associated with baked goods. You might wonder, “Is it even possible to find healthy baking recipes in the first place?”  The short answer is yes!  Not all baked goods are made with pounds of sugar and loaded with carbs and butter.  There’s lots of room to get creative with baking, […]

Recipe Spotlight: We’re Loving Linzer Cookies

Make your own Linzer cookies at home with our hassle-free baking kit.

With Valentine’s day coming up, you could gift a standard box of chocolates and call it a day. Or, you could gift your special someone something made from the heart—like homemade cookies (bonus if they’re heart-shaped). One recipe we recommend? Linzer cookies.   What Are Linzer Cookies? Among sugar cookies and gingerbread, Linzer cookies are […]

Wonderful Winter Flavors to Share This Season

Get in the seasonal spirit with the best winter flavors.

The time has come to break out those winter jackets and cozy scarves. As the cooler season arrives, winter flavors take the stage, too.  The winter months are prime-time for baking, with the holidays and dropping temperatures inspiring many of us to create tasty treats that fill our homes with warmth and wonderful scents.  What […]

5 Easy Baking Recipes for Beginners

Our beginner baking kits come with pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions. – woman-in-blue-crew-neck-t-shirt-holding-stainless-steel-bowl

Baking is a science, and many beginner bakers find themselves overwhelmed by all the measuring and highly specific (and sometimes confusing) instructions.  Sound familiar? Don’t get discouraged!  Baking should be fun, and with the right tips, tricks, and recipes, you’ll be on your way in no time.  Baking should be fun and rewarding, so we’ve […]