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Discover the world with our DIY activity kits, blending sweet STEM lessons with global flavors. We offer:

➜ Premium baking kits with pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes.

➜ Engaging STEM activities for kids ages 6-12.

➜ Unique gift idea for families and kids.

➜ Convenient solution for customers seeking high-quality baking ingredients and educational family experiences.

Plus, increase your category spend and raise your average checkout value!


Why BāKIT Box is Ideal for Your Store

Elevate your retail offerings with convenient, high-quality baking kits, perfect for engaging customers and boosting sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do BāKIT Box activity kits cost? +

To see bulk pricing, refer to the pricing sheet above. Our single kits retail for $32.99.

Are there any discounts for bulk purchases? +

Yes, the case pricing is discounted. To see pricing, refer to the table on the price sheet above. For further discounts on large orders, please contact

Where should I display BāKIT Box kits in my store? +

BāKIT Box kits can fit seamlessly into any display area in your store! They are ideally displayed on end caps or free-standing displays. We also offer a corrugated floor display option for added visibility.

What section of my store is best suited for displaying BāKIT Box kits? +

BāKIT Box activity kits are versatile and can be showcased in various sections of your store. They complement a range of products, including baking supplies, gifts, special occasion items, seasonal offerings, promotional products, and kids' products.

How many kits are included in each case? +

Each case contains 18 kits.

What is the size and weight of each case? +

Each case measures 18 x 18 x 15 inches and is ~36lbs.

What are the dimensions of each individual BāKIT Box bundle? +

Each individual BāKIT Box bundle measures 9 x 4 x 4.75 inches.

What is the weight of each bundle? +

Each BāKIT Box kit weighs approximately 2lbs.

What distributors do you use? +

We do not use distributors. Our products are available directly from us.

Can I request a sample? +

Certainly! To request a sample, please contact us directly at

Who do I contact for questions? +

For any inquiries, please reach out to us at We're here to help!

  • Recipe cards on a wooden table

    Recipe Cards

    Our easy-to-follow recipe cards provide step-by-step instructions that make every recipe a breeze, ensuring that your little baker can take the lead and create delicious treats with confidence.

  • Quality Pre Measured Ingredients in a woven bowl

    Quality Ingredients

    We source and curate premium quality ingredients for each recipe, including specialty items that give you a taste of the world's flavors. You'll receive all the shelf-stable, pre-measured ingredients you need.

  • Educational Activity Sheets

    Our activity sheets are designed to spark curiosity and boost brainpower. They include brain-boosting activities that enhance your child's knowledge and problem-solving skills, making baking a fun and educational adventure.

  • Games and Activities

    From puzzles and challenges to crafts and games, these STEM focused activities provide the perfect opportunity for your family to bond and create lasting memories in the kitchen.

Discover the Perfect Gift

Set off on a unique journey blending baking with science, with our STEM activity kits, perfect for families looking for a unique and memorable gift.

Explore Global Flavors with a STEM Twist: With each bundle, dive into three unique baking activity kits introducing international cuisines infused with STEM principles.

Quality Ingredients, No Hassles: Every kit comes with all the necessary pre-measured, shelf-stable ingredients. Just add a few common home ingredients, and you’re all set for a seamless baking experiment.

Step-by-Step Guidance: Our easy-to-follow instructions ensure a fun and educational baking experience for both kids and parents, blending recipe guidance with engaging STEM activities.

Interactive STEM Challenges: Each box is filled with hands-on STEM challenges and activities exploring the cultures, geography, and science of different regions. Learning becomes exciting and interactive as you bake your way through the world.

Create Meaningful Memories: More than just tasty treats, these activity kits are a gateway to creating lasting memories. Strengthen family bonds through the shared joy of exploring STEM and baking together.

Have Questions or Want a Sample? Contact Us!