Healthy Baking Recipes To Satisfy Your Lifestyle (and Your Sweet Tooth)

These healthy baking recipes use mindful ingredients so you can indulge without guilt.|Stick to your lifestyle and still enjoy baked goods with these healthy baking recipes.
“Healthy” isn’t often a word associated with baked goods. You might wonder, “Is it even possible to find healthy baking recipes in the first place?” The short answer is yes! Not all baked goods are made with pounds of sugar and loaded with carbs and butter. There’s lots of room to get creative with baking, especially when it comes to substituting healthier ingredients. In fact, low-calorie baked goods are a great way to maintain your lifestyle while still satisfying your sweet tooth.

How Do You Bake and Stay Healthy?

First, it depends on what “healthy” means to you. Is it choosing more wholesome ingredients? Is it maintaining a calorie deficit or keeping an eye on macros? Or is it adhering to a specific diet, like veganism? No matter your lifestyle or health goals, there are ways to still enjoy baked goods, whether it’s indulging in something from a bakery once in a while or taking things into your own hands with ingredient substitutes. For instance, there are numerous wheat flour, egg, and sugar substitutes that can knock off some extra calories and adhere to dietary restrictions. And most of the time, these substitutions don’t detract from the flavor, so you can still enjoy it.

Stick to your lifestyle and still enjoy baked goods with these healthy baking recipes.

Healthy Low-calorie Baked Goods to Make at Home

Fortunately, you don’t have to go to a specialty bake shop to get baked goods that suit your lifestyle. You can make them right at home! Here are some of our favorite healthy baking recipes:

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Protein Muffin

Protein helps keep us full and satisfied. Our Protein Muffin baking kit brings satisfying sweetness with dried cranberries, dried apples, and a dash of turbinado sugar. Fulfilling protein from whole wheat, walnuts, and hemp seeds helps power your day, whether it’s breakfast or a post-workout snack.

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English Muffin

English muffins are a versatile way to stick to a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy baked goods. They give you the satisfaction of eating bread without a huge calorie commitment. Plus, you can do whatever you want with them! Make an egg sandwich, top it with fresh fruit and honey—get creative with it.

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Better-for-You Chocolate Cake

Diet culture will tell you you can't have chocolate cake if you want to be healthy. We say, “False!” You can still indulge a little without feeling guilty. In fact, beetroot powder is incredibly versatile and brings a natural sweetness to cakes and icings. We use it in our Better-for-You Chocolate Cake. Don’t worry, it won’t taste like vegetables. You’ll still satisfy that chocolate craving, just with some more thoughtful ingredients in the mix.
What are your favorite healthy baking recipes or ingredient substitutes? Drop them in the comments! And if you’re thinking, “I want to indulge a little more,” check out our rotating selection of culturally-inspired baking kits, from seasonal selections to anytime goodness. Our subscription also makes a great gift for bakers of all skill levels. We pack the ingredients, write the recipe, and send it to your front door! All you have to do is get bāking.
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