Matcha Mochi Cakes: Highlighting Delicious AAPI Flavors

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The bright, sunny month of May means blooming flowers, longer sunny days, and the promise of summer vacations just around the corner. It’s also Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, which means it’s a great time to experiment with delicious Asian and Pacific Islander flavors and textures in your next baking project! One of this month’s subscription-only recipes, the Matcha Mochi Cakes, is a wonderful place to start. These light but decadent sweets feature both matcha and mochi - and the best part? They taste just as delicious and delicate as they look! Here are all the reasons we love this month’s Matcha Mochi Cakes, plus more delectable matcha recipes we’ve rounded up so that you can enjoy these delicate and delicious flavors all month long.

Why we love matcha

You can think of matcha as a kind of green tea – just seriously upgraded. Matcha is made by grinding specialized green tea leaves into a very fine powder. The powder is then whisked into drinks, desserts, and more to add the signature green-tea flavor and pastel-green hue that’s come to be associated with matcha. This special brew has been used for centuries as an important part of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Now, it’s gaining rapid popularity in the United States and beyond for its decadent tea flavors that do really well when paired with sweeter ingredients … not to mention its impressive range of potential health benefits. Green tea already has a long-established reputation as a healthy drink due to its rich source of inflammation-fighting antioxidants. Well, matcha is arguably even better! Since it’s made with ground tea leaves that are consumed as a whole, matcha has a higher concentration of those powerful antioxidants than your standard cup of green tea. We’ve highlighted this sophisticated flavor by combining it with a popular Japanese cake made with glutinous rice flour in our Matcha Mochi Cake kit. The result is a light but decadent dessert that satisfies your sweet tooth without weighing you down afterward. Mochi cakes have become a fan-favorite treat in places like Hawai’i and beyond -- and now you can enjoy them in your own kitchen.

10 More Delicious Matcha Recipes

Matcha Recipes      If you still can’t get enough matcha, here are more recipes to try!

1.Iced Matcha Latte from Gimme Delicious

If there’s just one matcha recipe you’re familiar with, it’s probably the matcha latte. This attractive pastel-green beverage delivers a moderate dose of caffeine and tempers the matcha tea flavors with milk and/or sweetener, and it’s been gaining a ton of popularity as a milder alternative to espresso-based lattes. But you don’t need to shell out the big bucks at a coffee shop in order to try this delectable treat - it turns out that it’s pretty easy to make at home! This iced matcha latte recipe by Gimme Delicious walks you through the ingredients you’ll need and steps to take to whip up a delicious, refreshing, and energizing pick-me-up that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home, no coffee shop visit required.

2.Matcha Marble Pound Cake from Just One Cookbook

Is there anything more aesthetically- and palette-pleasing as a marble pound cake? We don’t think so! This rich and buttery pound cake recipe features gorgeous swirls of sweet green matcha and goes great with your morning coffee, afternoon tea-time, or post-dinner dessert craving.

3.Black Sesame Matcha Shortbread Cookies from Sweet Mouth Joy

If you’re looking to add even more delectable Asian flavors into one dessert, these shortbread cookies are a clear winner. This recipe features both the subtly savory flavors of black sesame and the mild, light sweetness of matcha, all packaged into one buttery and springy cookie.

4.Matcha Green Tea Molten Lava Cakes from Kirbie’s Cravings

Few things pair with matcha quite as harmoniously as white chocolate, which is why we love matcha molten lava cake recipe (are you drooling yet?)! This showstopping dessert is made with a matcha cake and is taken to the next level with a center of hot molten white chocolate, giving one seriously delicious twist to an already-sumptuous chocolate dessert.

5.Matcha Green Tea Energy Bites from Living Well Mom

No baking required? Check. Dairy-free? Check. Absolutely delicious? Check! These no-bake energy bites are easy to make and provide you with a burst of natural energy thanks to the green tea and all-natural ingredients. This recipe also features shredded coconut, which provides the perfect sweet, light complement to matcha’s green-tea flavors.

6.Matcha Latte Chia Pudding from Choosing Chia

Light but filling, decadent but healthy, this matcha latte-inspired chia pudding is an awesome way to kickstart your morning on a high note. It’s also really easy to prepare: just combine your ingredients and toss in the fridge at least an hour before you’re ready to eat! As an added bonus, chia seeds are super healthy, with tons of fiber that can keep you full and satisfied all the way through even the busiest and most hectic mornings.

7.Matcha Strawberry Cream Bars from Halicopter Away

Matcha goes so, so well with strawberries, which is why we love this buttery matcha bar topped with a creamy strawberry panna cotta! This gorgeous dessert is equal parts tangy and sweet, making it the perfect way to welcome the springtime. Take them with you on a picnic or enjoy them on the porch in the sunshine for the best results!

8.Matcha Pop Tarts from Tea Foodie

For matcha lovers on-the-go, try out this homemade “pop-tart” recipe that features both matcha and real fruit for a real sweet and portable treat. Add the jam of your choice (the original recipe calls for either strawberry or apricot) and get ready to indulge in a nostalgic favorite with grown-up, sophisticated flavors.

9.Matcha Green Tea Banana Bread from Fearless Dining

Your go-to solution for overripe bananas just got a delicious upgrade: matcha! This delicious green banana bread features both matcha powder and gluten-free flour to create a treat that’s both delicious and nutritious.

10.Matcha Cheesecake with Oreo Crust from Teak & Thyme

This no-bake recipe with a to-die-for Oreo crust is the perfect way to enjoy matcha flavors at their richest and creamiest. This recipe creates about 10-12 gorgeous individual cheesecakes, making it an excellent option for pleasing a party.

Anyone else drooling? If you’re now officially mad for matcha, try out our Matcha Mochi Cakes recipe and see why matcha has taken the world by storm!   Image credits: Featured image credit: Photo by Monstera Image credit: Photo by Olivier Bergeron
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